Easter is upon us.

“Look, there’s no metaphysics on earth like chocolates.” Fernando Pessoa


Easter?   How can that be?   Wasn’t it Christmas 2 days ago?

I know Easter is nearly here because every aisle at the supermarket seems to be stuffed with chocolate and chocolate always reminds me of a wonderful old lady I used to visit.  I loved the way she saw the world and I just plain loved her.  Those who know me will understand my glee sitting in on the Dr/Patient conversation in the poem.  It was a ripper!

Cheers and travel safely.



Do you think God or the Devil

Played a part

In the creation of chocolate?

Melted redemption

Or sin made scrumptious?

Can life be too sweet?


The old woman asked me to sit and nestled closer

Her eyes flashing as she started her story.

Her Doctor, one of the Chosen Ones,

Had decreed for the sake of her health

She must give up the seductive stuff.

But Heaven was supplying it!


As a poor village child

She was sent to town to buy meagre supplies.

This was her chance.

She had saved and saved and could afford

One luscious mouth-watering chocolate.

All to herself!


She sighed as it melted in her mouth

And prayed with all her being to live in a land

Full of money for chocolate.

Miracles take time and here she is

And not for any doctor is she going to

Disappoint God’s design.


She asks my advice.


The Angel in me wants her

Healthy and living forever.


The Devil in me wants to be there

When she tells The Doctor

He’s messing with God’s plan.


How can I not love this woman?

She is like the chocolate she consumes

Sweet with a soft and slightly nutty centre.

And how can I, another woman

Who would sell her soul for the stuff

Doubt that Chocolate moves in mysterious ways?


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