“Don’t worry if you’re making waves simply by being yourself.  The Moon does it all the time.”  Scott Stabile

So I’m back.  Last night at an event run by Lucy Baker, reflecting on what 2018 may look like for us as individuals, she asked at the end of the session “What are you feeling now?” With some bravado I said “focused.”  To tell you the truth, I did feel focused. But on what?  Thank God she didn’t ask me to elaborate!  I would have looked like a right git.

Today though, I am focused.  On my core values.  Love and Light, and how I experience them.

I have used capitals again because these are not namby-pamby ‘lurv’ and ‘sweet little rose coloured glasses.’  There is nothing romantic about this.  These are values that require determination, grit and personal honesty.  They require backbone.

It is not easy to Love when you have been hurt.  It is so much easier to lash out at the other or yourself.  It is not easy to be a Light bearer when all you want is to hide in the dark.  It is not easy to be the Love and Light of your own life when your shadow tells you it will bring ridicule.

To commit to Love and Light is often to be misunderstood.  It is not about being a soft and squishy doormat.  It is about having boundaries with your behaviour, and that of others, because without those boundaries harm is done.  It is about being kind without it being acknowledged or reciprocated because to need that is harmful to both parties.   And harm is not Love. It is that simple and that complex.  That is why I used capitals.

My spiritual mentor Indiana Jones stepped out onto a bridge made entirely of his beliefs in an effort to reach The Holy Grail.  If it was good enough for him, it is good enough for me.  Because my Holy Grail is very simple, do no harm to myself or others and learn as much as I can about Love and Light along the way.  And to do this I must trust that where I step will support me and if I fall there are friends, family, professionals, complete strangers and the whole spiritual world to catch me and put me back on the bridge.  Indiana, me old mate, 2018 is looking like some kind of adventure!  Focussed adventure Lucy, focussed adventure.

Hope you all like the poem.


The words are jagged

Like a rusted tin lid

Thrown at me

To hurt

To damage

They do hurt

They do damage

But not forever

Nothing is forever

Gazing into the serenity of blue sky

Through the lace of a Peppercorn

I remember the words and their impact

The feeling that honesty was embarrassing

That I should shun Love

As if it was some malevolence

I tried to

Honestly I did

For years

I tried

But no more

Little by little I open myself to the world

I let you see who I am

A Loving being

And proud of it


A woman who is learning to trust

Who she is and

Who you are


In Love and Light


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