Tea Towels

“You can find something truly important in an ordinary minute.”      Mitch Albom

Here I am with my second blog, so obviously I survived the first!

In that first blog I capitalised the word Ordinary. I will continue to do that because to me the Ordinary is deserving of a capital. If you live in Paris you don’t say you live in paris. You proudly say ‘I live in Paris.’ You don’t live in london, you live in London, same goes for Sydney, Canberra, and if you live in Ireland the same goes for Muckanaghederdauhaulia.

So why would we not capitalise the place we spend most, if not all of our time and where we actually live our lives?  The Ordinary is a place that deserves our respect.  It is where we learn, laugh, love, cry, grieve and become who we are.  It is also where we meet the Divine.  If we wait for the extraordinary moments to feel the Divine in our lives there is a good chance we will, as Shakespeare so subtly put it, ‘shuffle off this mortal coil’ before it happens!

Our world seems to be a bit over the Ordinary and is constantly clamouring for the extraordinary.  To me that is a bit like being presented with the most beautiful, fresh and nutritious meal you can think of and letting it go cold while you wait for the Divine Chef to deferentially approach and ask “Would you like fries with that?”

The Ordinary is where it is at for me.  It is my address, I live there, I honour that and am grateful for it.  It is also where there are moments when the Divine lovingly throws down the gauntlet and requires me to step up and not shy away from the complexity of this world.  It requires that I think, feel and grow.  This next poem was one of those moments and why I capitalise the Ordinary. 

Tea Towels

The family needs tea towels.

Mundanity expressed in cloth.


I find them

What a bargain!

Hundreds for so little.


I study them

Be a good housewife

Check the label.


Made in Bangladesh.

Oh God.


Images of women and children,

Spending their lives

In sweat shops

Manufacturing the mundane of my life.


Do I buy them and increase the exploitation?

Do I not buy them and remove their living?


I buy and run.


Holding the towels tight

I am devastated.


I am worthy of my community

I know this.

Please, please, let me be worthy

Of these tea towels.

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